The Pitmaster

Dewayne 'Buckwheat' Jones, Owner and Pitmaster, Buckwheat's BBQ

Dewayne Jones, owner of Buckwheat’s BBQ, was born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina. When he was a young boy, his Uncle Buddy started calling him “Buckwheat” and the nickname stuck. He has been called that by his family and friends as long as he can remember.

Dewayne takes pride in all of the hours he has spent perfecting his flavor profile and overall quality in his barbeque. He is a true Pitmaster and has a real love and passion for cooking.

Dewayne is a graduate of Aiken High School. After high school he went on to pursue his love of off shore fishing where he achieved his goal of becoming a licensed captain. He worked in Myrtle Beach for several years with off-shore commercial charters.

Returning to Aiken

Dewayne 'Buckwheat' Jones, Owner and Pitmaster, Buckwheat's BBQ

In 1998, Dewayne returned to Aiken, SC and began competing in BBQ competitions around the state. He found his true calling and was extremely successful with the South Carolina BBQ Association. In 2014, he was ranked 3rd in SC for his BBQ. He has also competed in the Georgia KCBS tournaments. He continues to compete when time allows. Most recently, he won 3rd place at the Griller’s Cup in Myrtle Beach, only .002 points away from 1st place!

In 2010 he began his catering company, Allencollins Catering, and began Buckwheat’s BBQ. It was a fantastic 5 years with tons of local support. Every catering job he did he was asked “Where’s your restaurant?” In 2015, the dream of owning his own restaurant became a reality. He opened Buckwheat’s BBQ on Silver Bluff Rd. in January of 2016.

Dewayne resides in Aiken with his wife Molly and their two sons, Sam and Luke. He is an active member of St. John’s United Methodist Church. Dewayne enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping with his family and friends when he has a little free time.